Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Digital Silence

Picture taken by Clare

What happened to my regular blogging?

If I had a photo of crickets chirping I would post that, but bubbles are even more silent, I guess!  

First we went traveling -- and since then several things have been making me spend a lot of time processing.

If I could explain it all, I wouldn't be having a blogger's block.  I just have to sit and wait and think my way through, and play with my kids, and talk to "real life" people until I know what I'm thinking and feeling. 

I hope to get back into the swing of things.  I put myself on a digital diet so that I wouldn't have that excuse for not processing.   So that's another reason I haven't been on here too much.

Related to that, I've been reading Outside Lies Magic. (First read about the book at Lissa's site)   It advises us to "Get Out Now" and turning off the netbook does help with that, though I have ways to deal with the vacuum left by the lack of that humming electronic presence  -- by burying my nose in books.    They seem to hum to me too, though not with such an electric buzzing noise.

Hope to get back on here again soon.   I hope you are all having a fun summer -- or winter, over there in Oz!


  1. I have ordered Outside Lies Magic, and it will come any day. I was thinking book club, but maybe it is counteractive for what I read, if it inspires us to cut our Internet and listen more to ourselves and the world...

  2. I know that feeling! Don't feel obligated to blog. I hope you find plenty of times and spaces for processing and conversation.

  3. Willa, I bet after a short time of blogging silence, you will return bursting with things to share. I think there is a lot going on sub-consciously when we have some quiet time concentrating on other things.

    I love the bubbles photo. I have been fortunate and have a new camera. It's Andy's birthday on Monday. He wanted a camera as a gift but said a secondhand one would do him. How about I get a new one and give him my old one? So I am looking forward to experimenting and maybe my photos will be a bit sharper and more attractive. Andy's birthday is going to feel like my birthday!

    Enjoy your quiet time.

  4. It's nice to have some digital silence once in a while. I LOVED Outside Lies Magic, great book!! I do hope you are enjoying your quiet time :)


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