Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what to do when you accidentally publish a blogpost too soon

Oops, my touchpad control went crazy and accidentally pre-published this post which I was composing for the future, so I'm editing it now.    It was originally a homeschooling post meant to be published on Thursday.

I'm trying to see if I can fool Google's Instant Reader that way.

Update:  It seems to work.   So here's what you do if you accidentally post a blog that you wanted to save for later, or that you immediately realize was too revealing or personal or potentially hurtful.

Google Reader captures your post almost instantaneously, so even if you delete or send the post back to draft form, your original feed often remains.

HOWEVER -- if you immediately edit the contents of your post and republish, as I did now, it looks like Google almost immediately recaptures the edited feed so you can minimize the damage.

Only people that read on Google during the interim between your first posting and your edited revision will see the unfortunate unintended draft.

Just keeping this up here in case it is helpful for anyone else.  

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  1. Yes, it was helpful and interesting too. Same with comments, even if you delete them from your own blog, they can be seen.


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