Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Highlights for June 19-25

This week slid by!   I don't have a day by day journal ready to share.   I have been working on planning for next year, and then when I'm not doing that, I'm usually doing things that need to be done around the house or hanging around with the family.

We were also running errands during a lot of the week, which involves lots of driving since we live way on the outer edges of civilization.  

Next week will be a busy week, too.  In fact, as is typical, the summer is hastening by.  Lots of changes and plans.  I probably won't be blogging regularly until after July 4th since I have a lot of to-do's and if I don't focus, I will forget them. 

Since I probably won't have time to write out my Monday Housekeeping post I'll update a little here:

  • I lost a pound!   Partly it was just because it was so hot here last week that I felt more like drinking iced green tea than eating.  
  • My little plants out on my deck are slowly growing.   When I get my new camera I'm going to take pictures. 
  • I have been biking and reading quite a bit.    Last week I read:   An Experiment in Criticism (CS Lewis),  Walking:  A Complete Guide to the Complete Exercise, and Morte d'Urban as well as Move a Little, Lose a Lot.  Oh, and a book called Mindless Eating.   I'm kind of sick of healthy books now and want to start reading more fiction.   I loved Morte d'Urban, a book by the Catholic JF Powers. 
  • I've also been re-reading Charlotte Mason and taking notes.  This is my big homeschooling project for the summer.   I usually pick some big project like that to focus on over the summer, which keeps me from spending too much time making lists of books I want in the curriculum catalogs.   The books are almost always somewhat disappointing, especially the curriculum resources, but the projects always pay off in some way. 
  • The teenagers and up have been watching episodes of Lost together.
I am going downstairs now to make cookies and muffins for the kids, who seem to be hungry all the time these days.  

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  1. Congratulations on your success, Willa! It's so much easier to be active and health-conscious in summer, isn't it? We have turned into couch potatoes, lately - the freezing cold is a great excuse to be lazy and self-indulgent;)

    I've also been planning, again. This time with a view to being more efficient in terms of time management - trying to squeeze out more hours in the day:)


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