Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Reading

From a stack of books beside my bedside that I want to go through in more detail this summer:

Fine Arts as Therapy: Plato's Teachings Organized and Discussed by Constantine Cavarnos. I got this in an Orthodox bookstore in San Francisco when Aidan was hospitalized there for a month.

All You Who Labor: Work and the Sanctification of Daily Life by Stefan Cardinal Wyzynki.

Feeling and Healing Your Emotions by Conrad Baars.

I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teachings of St Therese de Lisieux by Fr Elbee.

A Tutor's Guide: Helping Writers One on One

Little Way of Homeschooling.   Thirteen Families Discover Unschooling by Suzie Andres.   A nice review here by Mary Gildersleeve

Why We Run:  A Natural History by Bernd Heinrich.  I love Heinrich's natural history books, especially Mind of the Raven (caveat:  there is a definite secular evolutionist slant) and I thought this book might inspire me to take up running, or at least pre-contemplate it ;-).

I also have a few Kindle books I want to finish or reread.

Keeping House: The Litany of Everyday Life

The Education of Catholic Girls (has applications beyond just educating Catholic girls).

Hints on Child Training by Clay Trumbull. One of my favorite parenting books, written by the grandfather of Elisabeth Elliot and Thomas Howard.

Unschooling Rules:   55 Ways to Unlearn What We Know  about Schools and Rediscover Education by Clark Aldrich

Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle

My reading never sticks to plans, and I didn't list any fiction books, though I do want to read fiction this summer, but those are a few I want to get into in depth!


  1. yeah...where is the fiction??! wanna read War and Peace???

  2. I'll read it if you will! What else are you reading?

  3. finishing that last book in The Confessions :)))

    Air-Raid Pearl Harbor

    Fodor's Hawaii 2010

    and The picture Perfect Childhood

    I am overwhelmed with choices for fiction for the summer.

    Anne and Kathryn Claussen are planning to read W&P...and Anne tried to talk me into it.....not sure if I will bite. being only 17yrs the first time I read it...means I would probably get more out of it. Am I correct in remembering that you have yet to read it?

    Remembering the tome I read last summer......reminds me that it was the ONLY book I read last summer...not sure if I want to give up two summers in a row to one book....

  4. Picture Perfect Childhood sounds fun -- I shall have to look at it if we ever get to see each other.

    Doesn't Kathryn have to read it for senior seminar? I think Liam got a late start his senior year and had to read frantically on the train.

  5. yes, she does......poor liam!

    so, shall we??? I ask tremulously...

  6. I'll try it -- I have it on the kindle.... I think. Anyway, I think Liam has his in his closet.

    I need to read some fiction, been reading to many 20th century non-fiction books recently ;D


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