Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Challenge #4: Laundry Room

Mystie's Spring Challenge for this week was the laundry area.  

My pictures turned out weird.  I think my camera is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

Here's a before picture.  No huge disaster, just the normal "laundry-in-progress" look.

 Procrastinated Job #1
 My utility sink was getting stuffed with empty laundry bottles needing to be recycled.   It's not a big job, but I just haven't gotten around to it recently.
 That was an easy fix -- just dump the bottles in the recycling bin and scrub down the sink as much as possible.

 Procrastinated Job #2: 

Decluttering and organizing in the cupboards.   This is where I keep new dish cloths that I save for when guests are here (since the normal ones are, you know, well used).   It's also where I keep the stained or worn out dish cloths that are being repurposed as scrubbing rags. 


 I didn't take a before picture, but this countertop was covered with the kids' clean and folded clothes.  I brought them to their rooms to be put away.

The laundry tub there isn't very pretty -- but it's useful.  It is where I keep the little boys' socks.   They usually are barefoot in the house, so when they want to go outside it's easier to run to the laundry room and grab socks than to run upstairs.   Maybe someday I'll get a pretty basket.

An "after" picture.  This laundry room is just a beautiful room in itself.  It is so peaceful with the coniferous trees right outside.  I especially love it during the summer when the window is open and I can hear birds.  One of my sons goes in here to pray sometimes.... it's one of the more serene spots in the house.     And I love our relatively new frontloading washer and dryer.  Aidan likes to sit and watch the clothes whirl in there.


  1. Oh, I love your laundry room, all that wood, beautifully cleaned.

  2. a new washer and dryer???? I must visit soon ;)

  3. well, Sarah did not really say that...... ;)

  4. "Sarah", they are not new to you -- you've been here since we got them! Remember, they work and our old ones didn't ? ;-)


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