Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Speed Cleaning: Clean the Bathrooms


Here are some articles that tell you how to clean the bathroom:

How to Clean the Bathroom -- I like this one in spite of the silly picture because it includes pre-cleaning, especially "Get everything that doesn't belong OUT of the bathroom".  I'm sometimes surprised by things that turn up in odd places in my house.  .  Note:  I wouldn't use bleach in the toilet bowl, personally. 

Speed Clean Your Bathroom  -- this starts out strangely -- put alka-seltzer in your toilet??? but I like the checklist format, and using it, they say, you can clean a bathroom in five minutes.

Now for the Speed Clean Team tips:

Here is an article from the Clean Team Newsletter:  Seven Steps to a Clean Bathroom.  .

This is my narration (on the principle that retelling from memory helps a person to retain better)

The preparation strategy is similar to that for cleaning the kitchen.  You bring your tray with window spray, general cleaning spray, scrubbing powder, a scrubbing sponge, several folded cloths, a toothbrush, and a scraper.   You have a cloth over your shoulder and one in your hand.  You also have a duster in your apron pocket (I don't have a special pocketed apron, so I don't bother with that -- I honestly use cloths to dust most places, or pre-vacuum).

For the bathroom, you make an exception to the one-time-through rule.  You go through the bathroom twice.

Also, you have tile spray and some bleach on hand, a toilet brush and a tile brush.

One more thing you do to prepare -- get rugs and things off the floor.  You are supposed to put them outside the door for the vacuumer to vacuum as he goes by (assuming you have a partner -- otherwise you are the vacuumer).

The first time through, you put tile spray on the tiles in the bath/shower stall.  You brush it into a lather with your tile brush (I just used a scrub-brush or cloth) and then leave it, while you put powder cleanser in the tub or bottom of the shower stall.  Again, you scrub and leave it for the time being.

You use a toothbrush to get at the dirt around the grout, if necessary.  The idea is that you don't clean anything that isn't dirty. 

Then you go and put powdered cleanser in the toilet bowl and scrub.  You spray with general cleaning spray on the floor and wipe quickly.

You go to the sink and apply powder cleanser and scrub.  You are supposed to avoid getting the powder outside any of these locations because it is hard to wipe up.  You rinse the powder out of the sink bowl.

Now you make a second trip around.   You rinse out the cleaning agents from the tub and tiles.   You dust and wipe along the ceilings and walls as you go, getting out the cleaning item that's needed.  You spray and clean the outsides and rims of the toilet bowl, flushing the toilet afterwards.   You spray and wipe the counters.

Lastly, you get a wet cloth and scrub the floor backing your way out.   You are supposed to finish where you started, at the door.   I admit I do not scrub the bathroom floor by hand.  The bathrooms are relatively large and it works better to mop.

A video -- How to Clean a Bathroom in 3.5 Minutes! (Don Aslett)

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