Friday, April 15, 2011

Clean the House in Less than Half an Hour

My version of the book Speed Cleaning only has chapters on specifically cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen.   Other chapters are devoted to dusting and vacuuming, and then there is a section on "getting the house ready to clean" which is basicallly devoted to repairing, maintaining, clutter control and that kind of thing.   There is also a chapter on how to organize cleaning if you have several people on your "team".

I will probably get to at least some of those chapters, but in the meantime, I did a search online for "speed cleaning the house"

The Clean Team idea is to make a circuit around your area to be cleaned, not backtracking any more than strictly necessary.  

This is turning into a random collection of links, so going with that theme here are two more.

Chore Charts-- for toddlers up to preteens.  Seems helpful. 

I used this one year.  Motivated Moms.  It provides a simple daily list of chores which over time lets you maintain and clean the whole house.   It is fairly inexpensive and can be helpful when you are tired of free-flying your chore routine or designing your own.

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  1. Ack! My version doesn't have a "Get the House Ready to Clean chapter! :) I feel cheated.

    It is my favorite cleaning book I've ever come across.


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