Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's on the Calendar Wednesday

I found a simple meme at The Bookworm.   What's On the Calendar Wednesday --  the idea is to write about something that is on your calendar or someone else's.

Recently, almost every day has had something on the calendar.  Today is Sean's football practice down in town, but we added something unexpected.... taking our old dog Frodo to the vet.

Frodo is in his declining days, age fourteen and a half, and one never knows whether this episode will be "it" or not. Our four youngest children don't remember a time when he wasn't around.   Perhaps he will recover this time, but I'm just praying we know when and how to let him go.   

Up till age 12 or so, Frodo was a sharp-tempered, barky little dog who seemed to think we were his flock, to be protected from all suspicious outsiders and herded into place. The past couple of years he has mellowed exceedingly, making friends with visitors (gasp!) and bearing his arthritis with great patience.    I hope to follow his example and mellow rather than sharpen in old age, though I wouldn't mind being spared the incontinence.

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