Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Bookmarks

Trying to get some bookmarks off my toolbar! 

Cardinal Newman Faith Resources Inc-- an Australian Catholic site.  Check out the downloads.  

St Augustine's Library -- collecting Augustine's writings on the web, in several different languages.

Jake Freivald -- a site with PDF files of Papal Encyclicals, Catholic Church History, Church Fathers, and Philosophy, all public domain.

Free Catholic E-Books -- in PDF, lots of classics. -- free ebooks in different formats, including Mobi (Kindle) and Epub

The Newman Reader -- Newman's works online in html form.

Artcyclopedia -- you can search for works by title, author or subject

Flickr Commons -- copyright free photos

Old Pictures -- copyright free historical photographs

Chesterton Quote Page

CCEL -- Christian Documents in Epub

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity -- page of writings and documents

Abandon Hopefully --- Sally Thomas's site -- Catholic Humanities-Centered Homeschooling

Flowing Streams -- Catholic Bible Study... by a veteran homeschool mom of eight whom I know from her wise posts online and sort of know in real life (I met her grown son and his wife once, they are expecting their third soon!)  Anyway, the bible study is thoroughly based in Catholic exegesis methods and very substantial, plus the visual arrangement is beautiful.

Amazon's Limited Time Kindle freebie page -- I check here often, there is lots of junk but you sometimes find something good and sometimes "limited time" is only a couple of days or so, so it pays to check!

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