Saturday, February 5, 2011

More on The Betrothed

I mentioned I just read The Betrothed...

I read it on the recommendation of my friend Chari, and she has just posted her thoughts on the book with some interesting links.  

So in case anyone is thinking of going on a rabbit trail with this book, that will help give you a start!  There's even a review of the book by Edgar Allen Poe of all people! 

This is becoming a book blog!  


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  1. it has always been a book blog.......we live a literature-based life, remember?

    Although, you DO inspire me...perhaps we should start a "book blog" .... :)

    btw....eating some yummy roasted red know exactly of which I speak....

    oh, I could not call you on Sunday because I have a cold...ugh....I had no desire to talk....


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