Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meditation on Scripture

I love this site... Examen.Me.   (HT Amy at A Call to Adventure).    You can follow several Reading Plans or the Scripture Readings of the day.    I am not very good at journalling meditatively but something about the presentation of this site allows me to ponder on Scripture more carefully than I usually do.

Since I wouldn't want to write a one-paragraph post I want to mention that I have memorized two Psalms!  That was one of my goals for this year.  I recite them to myself before I start my Rosary.  I hope to memorize all 150 before I die.   The Rosary used to be called Our Lady's Psalter because it has 150 prayers in parallel with the Psalms and it allows even illiterate people or workers who can't carry around a book to meditate on Our Lord's life, of which many of the Psalms are a foreshadowing, of course.  

I have always loved King David and seeing the Messiah through his prophetic vision, mind and heart helps enrich my imagination in reference to the Life of Our Lord --- unfortunately when you were raised in Christian America you can hardly help all these stereotypical, almost cartoony images and snatches of third-rate songs coming into your mind when you try to think of Christ's life and work.    With the Psalms, you can step out of all that into a more spacious place.    So even if I only manage to memorize 12 Psalms a year -- hmm, that means close to 15 years and I am already scared of Psalm 119 even though I won't get there till I am about 60 -- it will be worth it.


  1. I clicked over there to see it...I love that site. Do you do your journaling at the website? I wonder if I might like to use the prompts, but write in a paper journal instead. I would be nervous that at some point the site wouldn't be secure and all my prayers would be public, though I can't imagine who would want to read them. I'd love to hear how you're using the site. Thanks for the link!

  2. I like your plan to memorize all 150!

    btw, have you ever read Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon's "Christ in the Psalms"? From what you say about loving the Messianic message of the Psalms, I think you would really like it. There's a short (1 1/2-2 pages) essay on every one of the Psalms, and it's all about how they point to Christ. I mention it because it's one of my favorite devotional books.

  3. Sandy,

    I don't journal anything very private on there -- mostly questions about what words mean. Probably if you make up a user-name it wouldn't risk your privacy to journal on there, but typing for me doesn't lend itself so well to meditation. I think handwriting the journal is a great idea.


    Thank you for the book recommendation, off to check it out now!


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