Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I sort of apologize for publishing 3, nay, 4 posts yesterday.   The thing is---

I wrote that one about books I like but am not finishing -- and it got longer than I expected it to (that always happens).

Then I wrote the second one about Living Spaces and meant to postdate it so it would auto-post today but got overly enthusiastic and simply published it.

And then the same thing happened with Advent and Christmas with St Thomas Aquinas (and I un-published it again, but Google Reader's bots are too fast for me). 

Then -- I am trying to write out my Advent meditations, more for myself than anything else.  I usually just jot notes in a little book, but I wanted to try to do it more thoroughly.   So that I have to fit in alongside all my normal blogging plans. 

Finally -- I always blog a lot in December and feel a bit guilty about it.   Partly it's because I do most of my Christmas shopping online, and even shopping by mouse is really stressful (thank you, God, that I can do it that way instead of driving around in town, which kills me with stress).   So for a break I write.

So all things considered, it could have been even worse.  

And probably lots of people aren't reading blogs much in December anyway, or at least mostly looking for Advent crafts and books, and I don't usually do that kind of thing too much.    So whew, maybe you didn't even notice all those posts anyway!

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