Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Journal #2

Today's theme is Tough Jobs but I can't seem to get inspired by that so I'll just list----

Seven Little Things that Make Me Happy Right Now,
(and why they aren't so little):

  1. 8 cords of firewood stacked and ready for winter, and Brendan's and Aidan's hard work getting it stacked.  
  2. This warm Indian summer we're having right now -- temps in the 70's.  Keep it coming! 
  3. Our new snow-blower -- now I'm not quite so sad about the coming winter snows because shiny machinery makes everything better, as you know.
  4. My daughter's courage -- she broke her arm at college and has been handling all the medical bureaucracy without us.  And her college friends who have been giving her emotional support.
  5. Sean's cool home jersey, and the fact that he might start homeschooling again.
  6. My husband's hugs during the day, and how he provides for us.
  7. My new hand mixer which I got for my birthday.   Kieron is making cookies right now with it, and he makes the best peanut butter cookies ever.
Gratitude:  For little things that add up to big things, like warmth and food and family and friends


  1. I started late so I'm only on day 1. Happy to follow along with you!

  2. Nice list! I'm sorry about your dd's broken arm though. That sounds very hard.


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