Saturday, October 16, 2010

Different Kinds of Knowledge

While the internet was down I became perfectly fit and healthy, completely organized my house and time, became confident and comfortable with who I am, and thoroughly integrated my emotions.   Oh, and I can now also ponder deeply into the philosophy of how the universe began and what that means in respect to Time.

Well, to qualify...  If reading and comprehending what I read so that I could discuss or pass a test on it were the same as knowing and living out the knowledge, that would all be true.   I read five books.  "When You Can, You Will", "When Working Out isn't Working Out", "Painfully Shy", "The Four Loves", "Feeling and Healing Your Emotions" and finished one that had been sitting on my bedside pile since Lent:  Augustine's Confessions.  I also started another one, called "How to Get Organized In Spite of Yourself."

Isn't that strange, how you can "know" something from reading and yet not really "know" it in the sense that it is part of you to build on?     I wish there was some way to make the connection between the two kinds of knowing more reliable.    It would help my homeschool, too.

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