Friday, August 6, 2010


Here's the time breakdown in bullet form.    This covers the things that I need to get done for the duties of my state in life.  But there's a lot of flexibility --  kids can do some or all of the jobs, meals can be simpler or more complex, I can shuffle around the events in the main part of the day to suit various occasions.    I try to be pretty careful about doing the evening and morning routines carefully because if I get everything done that's listed in those time frames, I have about 70% of the key routine accomplished. 

Evening of Day Before (5 pm to 10 pm)

  • Examen -- in room, right before evening starts -- reflect on what's been done and left undone.
  • Start planning for next day in light of examen.
  • Dinner -- prep, meal, clean-up, 
  • Get kitchen ready for next day -- load dishwasher, prep coffee maker, make lunch for high schooler
  • Family prayer
  • Bedtime routine for kids and self -- brush teeth, stories, prayer (finish by 9 pm)
  • Personal reading, listen to tape or talk to husband

Beginning of Day (5:45 to 9:30)

  • Get up, morning prayer, start stretching or circuit training (I spend five minutes on this whenever I'm in the bathroom)
  • Take load of laundry downstairs, start load
  • Kitchen routine -- feed dog, start coffee, let dog out, get breakfast ready and lunch set for highschooler
  • Coffee and devotions, spiritual reading or rosary
  • Exercise for 20 minutes on bike while reading, or go for walk
  • Do maintenance housework  --vacuum, clean bathrooms, or mop floor -- do focus cleaning if time permits
  • Fold laundry, say mid-morning prayer, get children up and started on day.

Main Part of Day (9:30 am to 5 pm)

  • Morning Time -- prayer, memory work, reading aloud, discussion of plans
  • Homeschool Time -- work alternately with kids.
  • Noon Hour:  focus cleaning, then lunch and midday prayer
  • Make phone calls if necessary
  • Homeschool Time -- quiet time for reading, finish up schoolwork by 3 if possible
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet between quiet time and finishing schoolwork
  • Tidy, therapy and then outside or afternoon activities
  • Rest, bath or exercise just before evening starts (go back to start) -- reflect on what has been done and undone
Of course, there's a lot that's not on there.  This is mostly trying to peg things I DO get to -- like lunch : ) -- to things that slip if I don't make a place for them -- like insurance phone calls.

I'm going to think about making a schedule for the kids. 

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