Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Post about Food

My sister-in-law freezes grapes and  I got the idea from her.  They are really good as an afternoon snack.

Speaking of frozen things, the mixed vegetables you can pick up in the frozen food section of the market are a very good value  (especially if you don't have a garden, which we don't -- poor soil, short summer, too much shade).    They flashfreeze vegetables so sometimes they have more nutrition than the selections in the produce section, depending upon how long those have been sitting out there. 

Yesterday I cooked about half a  bag of stir-fry vegetables with some water and chicken bouillon, a bit of cooked ground turkey from the freezer, some fresh spinach (I put it in last) and a bit of leftover chili.  Then some freshly ground black pepper on top.  It made a really good, satisfying soup.   Oh yes, and I cut up a couple of spicy fries I had made for my teenagers and added those to the soup too. 

Soup has turned out to be a great way to get Aidan to eat his vegetables, too.   He likes to sprinkle grated cheese and taco chips on the top.  He always gets very enthusiastic when I'm making soup; he also loves vegetarian sandwiches and salad so I always have to make extra for him. 

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