Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Update

I'm back from camping up in Northern California -- we got to hang around with some old friends and meet some new ones.   Unfortunately.... I didn't bring a camera.   Fortunately.... my daughter did bring hers.   (Do any of you know what storybook I'm paraphrasing from?  Our copy of the book fell apart, but I think I still have it memorized from many, many readings : )).  So the photo credit for most of these goes to her.

Paddy Gabriel age seven!

Clare and Sean (right) with dear friend Matthew

Sean, Matthew, and Liam

Clare (right) and BFF Anne B

Clare and her "little sister" Maddalyn dressed for summer dance.

Kieron and Clare

Sean at summer scrimmage -- 106 degrees that day!

I already feel wistful looking at these pictures.  How fast the kids grow up!   How wonderful to spend time with friends from way back!

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