Friday, April 30, 2010

Signs of the Season

It snowed off and on most of the second part of the week, and tonight it's foggy.

You wouldn't know it's almost May in California, would you?

A few patches of bare ground

A few brave early spring flowers

And our yearly crop of California flying squirrel babies invading our house --
they seem to think it's THEIR house.

Brendan puts them outside, and they manage to find their way back in.
I'm sure they feel warmer in here than out there!

And some of the Steller jays from last year have returned to raise their own families here (on our deck, not in the house, thank goodness) but the deck's still too snowbound for me to get out there with the camera.

So a few tiny gallant signs of the season!

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  1. Oh my! Is this an unusually long winter? It is supposed to go up to 90 degrees here today! That's too hot for me on 5/1!

    The baby squirrels are cute, but I'm sure I wouldn't like them in my house!

    Hang tough!


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