Saturday, April 17, 2010

History of Latin -- Links

Interesting article about Latin through the centuries.
In sum, we can see from this progress of Latin that trendiness, traditional purism and technology are all, in their different ways, capable of killing a language.

Ultimately, the many threads in the 2,500-year history of a dominant language beggar summary, but I have distinguished three themes that can stand as lessons for modern linguists. Firstly, discrimina: language survival depends on community coherence. Secondly, vicissitudines: translation and contact can be enriching for a language. And thirdly, strages: trendiness, traditional purism and technology can kill even the most deep-seated of linguistic traditions.

I found the site because of this Simplicissimus Latin course based on the Mass. I'm trying to figure out if I could use it as a supplement to my highschooler's Latin course next year.

I have a book around the house called The Classical Tradition by Gilbert Highet that goes into a lot of detail about what our Western culture owes to the Greeks and Romans. I skimmed through it last summer but am looking forward to reading it again this summer.

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