Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sick Update #5

Will these ever end? : ).

All pretty good news on the medical front. Aidan was found to be clear of pneumonia but his ear infection is still active after the first course of antibiotics so he is on a second course. I hope this one is successful because he lost hearing in his left ear at a very early age and the infection is in his right, so presently he has to keep saying "What?" every time someone says something. (He's made it into a joke so I'm not entirely sure if he's really having trouble hearing or is just playing).

Kevin was a sick guy for a couple of days and still can't hear much with two ruptured eardrums, but he is feeling So. Much. Better. He tells us we have to talk with closed captions ;-).

Kieron is pretty much over his illness though he still can't quite hear with his ruptured ear drum. Hopefully that is temporary.

I am in pretty much the same boat as Kieron. I just finished my course of antibiotics today. I still can't quite hear in my right ear. I hear a dull boom of noise and then an eerie high echo like a mouse translating the booming. But I slept for half the afternoon and feel so much better than I have all week.

So unless one of us takes a turn for the worse I think we're finally done with the plague journals! I'm slowly, slowly starting to get the house back to normality. I was doing so much driving (Kevin usually handles a lot of the college and basketball chauffering but he was flat out) and was feeling so weak that when I was at home I would just basically zone out. Aidan's wellness can be measured by the amount of toys he brings out in a day. And the dog sheds fur and the wood stove sheds ashes and the laundry is always piling up whether anyone deals with it or not. So there's a lot to do around here.

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  1. I will pray for you Willa! Sounds like a very tough time. Glad you feel you are on the road to recovery. Rest as much as you can!


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