Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sick Update #4

A hurried one since in a few minutes we are leaving to take my husband down to the doctor!

He has always been so healthy that his name wasn't even in our family doctor's records and they are doing us a favor by adding him to the rolls quickly in order to see him today.

But apparently he has a ruptured eardrum -- that makes a total of three around here. We've never had any in the family at all before. Kieron keeps calling them "raptured" eardrums -- he could hardly hear the day he saw the doctor so that was what he got out of it. I haven't corrected him yet -- evil mom. But I just love hearing "raptured eardrum". The rest of our body parts must have got left behind. Sorry..... : )

On the healthy front, Aidan seems a LOT better. Amazingly better.

Better run now, Kevin is ready to get down there!


  1. Well, if my eardrum gets raptured, I hope the rest of me can go along for the ride. :-) I am so glad Aidan is doing better. HUGS to your hubby.

  2. I am passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you!


  3. Wow, I hope you all get better soon. That's some kind of bug you've got that goes around rupturing eardrums. Sounds so painful! Raptured really does sound better!


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