Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sick Day Journal #2

Good post on What I Learned From Having a Cleaning Lady, at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

A clean house.... sounds nice right now. My first task once we get back to normal will be to launder every blanket and sheet and pillowcase in this plague house. Right now I'm doing well to move from the sickroom (where Aidan and Paddy are watching videos and playing with cars) to the kitchen to the laptop.

Back to bed again..... at least Aidan is more active today and his fever is down.

It's pouring snow outside -- the kind that comes down at full speed because it's already a bit soggy.

I got about 8 bags of trash out to the garage (no room for them in the garbage can yet) and about 6 more give-away bags in the entrance room. That brings my total up to 33 bags already! Funny, though, the house still doesn't look much different -- most of this junk was tucked away under beds and in closets. Still, it's nice to know we are that much lighter.

If I can get up to 40 bags before Lent, I'll try to spend Lent working on the things that are harder to part with. Also on deep cleaning as described in the post above. I hate deep cleaning, but maybe it will be easier, and last longer, now that there's fewer things to wade through.

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  1. Hope everyone gets well soon! We went through the flu in December and, when we all had recovered (especially me) the whole house soon had the odor of bleach! And I rarely ever use bleach - was just very eager to get all the little nasties out so we could stay healthy.

    Enjoying your series on detachment. Lots of points to ponder...


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