Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Areas of Concern

A good article by Father Hardon about "Moral and Spiritual Values in Public Education"

As I see it, there are five areas of basic concern that need study and concerted exploration in order to work out that integration of religious values and the standard curriculum which so many agencies are seeking to promote but that, I confess, is scarcely getting off the ground for lack of clear thinking and strong motivation, such as Catholic teachers in public schools may be expected to provide.

The areas of concern are a correct concept of religion, the meaning of "intrinsic to learning experiences" as applied to religion in the classroom, an understanding of the value of religion on the part of the teacher along with his appreciation of those religious values which he is expected to cultivate, and the methodology or technique by which teachers are to convey these values to students in the public school classroom.

This is relevant to me in my question of what makes the difference between a secular education and a Catholic one.

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