Thursday, December 17, 2009

Truth is one and whole

From "St Thomas Aquinas" by Msr Ronald Knox; I thought it dovetailed, to use his word, with Pieper's last chapter:

"I would simply point to two principles, which jut out like buttressess from the great edifice he has left behind him, lucidly evident, yet in danger of being forgotten in our day no less than in his.

One is, that you must have a philosophy which covers the whole of your experience, which faces all the facts; not a philosophy which explains half your experience and explains away the other half.

And the second principles is, that truth is all one; that you must have a system which dovetails together the results of all your knowledge; not one kind of truth for the physicist and another for the philosopher, or one kind of truth for the philosopher and another for the theologian.

There is a constant tendency for the human mind, when it philosophizes, to cut the knots instead of untying them; to isolate one part of your experience and thrust away the other half into a corner as something that cannot be explained, or is unworthy of explanation. There is no more puzzling riddle for a philosopher to solve than the relation between matter and spirit, between the world which meets our eyes and the eyes with which we look out on it."

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