Saturday, December 19, 2009

To Our Mother

Sheldon Vanauken, in A Severe Mercy which I read at my daughter's recommendation, included several sonnets he wrote in his book. This one was my favorite:


When this world hides the constant heart of light
We sink to chill despair through stars that wheel
In deathless unconcern; our senses reel
At nothingness, and darkness steals our sight.

Appearing wrapped in deep blue heaven, bright
With secret sun, the moon for tenderness
Looks down to earth where, reassured, we bless
The sun in her, our Lady of the night.

O Lady, eyes can neither bear the pain
Of utter light, nor see without it how
To walk, so blindly stumbling we are drawn
To seek that light in you who see it plain.
Be with us, Lady, through the darkness, now
And at the awful hour of the dawn.

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