Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quiet but Not Still

It's so funny how you can tell a newly literate person -- by the silence. Paddy's been reading for a couple of years now, but he's just made a jump in fluency.... or integrated maturity level, perhaps. As a consequence there are new stretches in the day when I don't hear his high little voices playing pretend games or talking to his siblings or to me. When I go and look for him I see some variation of the pictures below.

Even when he's quiet, though, he's never quite still. These were taken during a five-minute period (sorry they are so blurry -- I thought the natural light would be enough, but it wasn't) . And this level of activity during concentration is very typical of my brand new 7 year old. I wonder how things would go for him at school?


  1. Oh, Willa!! THAT, my dear, is why teaching a whole classroom full of them nearly drove me batty, and I decided once and for all that Anne of Green Gables was right. "Early ripe, early rot," and nobody under the age of eight ought to be stuck in a desk all day. (Makes me a little twitchy just looking at the picture! lol!)

  2. Love the pictures. What book is he reading?

  3. He's reading Mrs Piggle-Wiggle : )


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