Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Take Ten -- OK, Good Enough

Christmas pictures for a large family -- not an easy thing. Here's what reality looks like in

Christmas 2009

First you get them all on the porch dressed relatively nicely. Then you get out your mediocre camera and do your best with the settings.... snowy outdoors, dim porch, not the easiest lighting. You want the dog in the picture because he's 13 years old and you don't know how many more Christmases there will be with him.

Then you go for it.

Frodo looks so cute, but Kieron can hardly be seen. Too bad!

They're all looking away except two, and the flash bleached their faces.

Frodo looks very cute, and the others look pretty good too, but Brendan is completely out of the picture. That was SO close. No go though.

Frodo looks cute again but Paddy is pulling his ear and Sean looks like he's trying to opt out in spirit, and the picture got bleached again. What a pity.
Frodo gave up and wandered off, but everyone else looks OK, and the little ones aren't going to last for much more of this. I guess it's a wrap!

Merry Christmas All from our family to yours!

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