Saturday, December 5, 2009

Household Rotation

I wanted to put up my cleaning rotation all in one post so it is easier to access. You can see images over here. These are all Word 2007 documents. If you are interested in PDF conversions please leave a comment. You are welcome to download, revise for personal use, etc.

Cleaning Rotation

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Master Closet

Center of Loft
Western Loft



Laundry Room
Downstairs Hall

Downstairs Bathroom
Boys Bedroom

I also put up a Housecleaning Routine for Advent. I was going to try to go through the whole year but I ran out of steam. There's so much to remember during Advent that I thought having a streamlined house checklist would free up part of my CPU for other things.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I had fun looking over the various documents.

  2. Oh wow, Willa, that's a lot of detail! Good for you and thanks for sharing.


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