Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Year at This Time

So much has happened since then! November 2008.

Don't you love the way a blog lets you look back in time?

By the way, the football posts from last year reminded me that I haven't talked much about football this year. The short form is:

  • Sean got pulled up to the varsity football team for this season. Since he's a sophomore, it was an honor. (His dad says he may get a sports Letter, which is, I understand, a big thing -- I missed all that, being unathletic and going to school in Switzerland into the bargain).
  • At first he just played defense (not his favorite side of the ball) and he was also back-up QB but he was only needed to back up once (when he had pneumonia and they were getting crushed, so he didn't have much fun). As time went on he took on more and more of a key role, playing as wide receiver as well as on the defensive side, and by the Mountain Bowl rivalry game against Yosemite, his playing was a genuine factor in his team's win. Boy, was he happy! He gets a T shirt too!
  • His team has a 7-3 season record this year, their best since like 2000, and playing one of the toughest schedules in California for their size school (only 600 or so students).
  • That means they got to go to the play-offs, and they won decisively in their first contest (against Immanuel, ironic in that we are entering Advent), which was last Friday. They are not favored for next week in their next match-up, but we will see.

Now you're all caught up on football in our family ;-). Oh, except that if a 5'11 guy from California could become the Ducks QB once, it's not impossible that it could happen again. (U of O is Kevin's and my alma mater and now they play good football too, which is different from our day!).

And we do miss her very much -- but are looking forward to seeing her home in just a few days!

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