Saturday, October 31, 2009

a simple coin game

For math, we are counting with coins. Last week Paddy and I played a simple fun game -- Kieron joined in.

First, I grabbed a handful of spare change I have been using to teach Paddy coin values -- quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. I put them in a box (but a bag would probably work better).

Then we rolled a dice. You could grab as many coins as the total on the dice. So if you rolled a five, you could grab five coins. At first we made it so that you had to grab "blind" but later we were allowed to try to select the coins by feel since that is a useful skill : ).

Then you count the value of your coins..... say you had a quarter, 3 dimes, and a penny. You would have 56 cents. We kept score on a card divided by separate players. Whoever had the most value for that turn won the round.

To make it more complicated you could keep a running total, but that is beyond my 6 year old's present abilities.

It was pretty fun and we played it for quite a while!

Then we played a game where we tried to find by feel the 4 quarters -- within a minute. The boys weren't as good as me at first but learned fast. Nice for sensory discrimination.

I think I already mentioned most of them but here are some online games with coins:

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