Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Days 29 and 30

We're all down with some kind of flu. We brought 4 kids to the doctor yesterday, something unprecedented in our history as parents! 2 kids given antibiotics for incipient pneumonia, 1 cleared as still in the viral stage, and one -- the post-liver-transplant one -- given a prescription of Tamiflu to avoid the worst of the bug. It was good timing because by the time we got home after all those appointments, he was running a temperature and coughing.

Aidan goes into hospital mode when he's "under the weather" as he puts it -- requests his Pikachu pillow, a Pokemon video on the TV screen and his Daddy to "visit" him. Plus he's drinking out of a 60 ml syringe and taking an interest in what his temp is. He's used to not feeling quite healthy and copes quite well.

Sean looked way better today after a dose of antibiotics and went off to work a bit with his football team (no workout, just get the hang of the new plays). Brendan's going to take longer.

It will be nice to be over this....

In the meantime, Kieron's K12 lineup of classes was fairly light today, which was a good thing. Because Paddy is running a temperature and anyway, is ahead of schedule, we did a light minimum course of schoolwork for him.


Counting by 2s and 5s was review for him, so I had him play some games to reinforce this (Saxon game, and two ghost games).

Then we worked a bit on some proper nouns vs common nouns, and correct pronunciation.
Then a bit of phonics review. We are up to the ending consonant blend -nt.

Kieron --

Algebra -- getting ready for 2nd Unit Assessment.
History -- up to the Chinese Exclusion Act in the Joy Hakim book
Lit Ana -- Secret Life of Walter Mitty -- learned a bit about James Thurber, answered questions, then discussed with me.
Physical Science -- learning about molecules and compounds.
Chinese I.

Aidan has been having fun with this cute "Days of the Week" game. It's a nice site with quite a lot of different activities -- Paddy was having fun with some of the other games a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  2. we're in various stages of illness here too, which is normally OK. However, with John (13) going part time to the local Jr. High, I'm more worried than usual. He has missed 3 days this week, but last night he said he felt well enough to go back today. At least he will be healthy for basketball tryouts, which is why we're doing this whole school thing in the first place!

    Hope your crew is feeling better soon!


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