Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beauty in Learning

Since I'm doing so much posting today I thought I'd mention a blog by Stratford Caldecott called Beauty for Truth's Sake -- the title alone lifts my spirits -- and a recent post about Education in the Family. It mentions Catholic unschooling. I like this:

After all, every subject is connected to every other, and one thing leads to the next. Give a child a globe for Christmas, and it may lead to an interest in geography, or history, or astronomy. Start them on a musical instrument, and it might open up mathematics or history. Drawing a circle or triangle points to architecture or theology.
This reminds me a little of Melissa Wiley's beautiful post from a couple of years back Way Leads On To Way. Lissa has written many beautiful posts about unschooling, and even if you don't unschool, they are good reading for perceiving the beautiful connections between bits of knowledge and for reminding oneself that learning is something done BY the child, not TO him.

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