Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geography Resources

I found some nice landform cards over here.

I was going to make some, but it looks like everything in Paddy's geography list is contained in this set, except glaciers. I printed them out and am going to make flash cards to reinforce the very brief lesson on landforms he got from K12.

Kim at Starry Sky Ranch
once mentioned Geography from A to Z. It was also once mentioned at The Common Room (the HM used it to train audio to visual memory in her children) and I see Donna Marie has it included in a huge list of Geography resources. I brought that out too, so that Paddy can get a visual of some of the land features, and also maybe learn some looking-up skills.

Gosh, the DIYer in me is eternal, it appears....! I seem to want to overdo everything ;-).

Kevin asked the boys to playtest a game that Liam has been converting for the X-Box. That is why I have time off at noon, though we may well be scrambling to finish late in the afternoon.

Edited to Add:

For review, I found an online jigsaw game where you place the continents and oceans. It's kind of touchy -- it marks you wrong if you don't place it quite right, so might be frustrating for competitive little kids. But I thought it might help Paddy to cement the general areas in his mind.

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