Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're Home

Nothing much else to say except -Thanks for the prayers, good wishes and comments on the blogs that auto-posted while I was gone! I've been having fun reading them (the comments, I mean).

My little ones came down with a stomach virus just as we were arriving at home, but seem to be better now. How easily it could have been much worse -- for example, if they had been throwing up the whole time we were travelling : (. Except for the last hour, where I passed our exit and had to retrack in 100 plus degree heat, and when Paddy started throwing up at great cost to the bedding in his immediate vicinity, it was a pleasant trip.

Our next couple of weeks will be busy. A projection:

  • August 2 -- family pool party (120 mile round trip)
  • August 3 -- Clare's ortho appointment(120 mile round trip)
  • August 4 -- Clare's oral surgery follow-up(120 mile round trip)
  • August 10 -- start some form of school for the year, and Sean resumes football practice
  • August 12 -- Aidan's botox injections (120 mile round trip)
  • August 13 -- Sean starts school
  • August 14 -- Sean has endoscopy (120 mile round trip)
  • August 17 -- Brendan starts community college ((120 mile round trip MWF)
  • August 20 -- Clare starts attendance at TAC (we'll be driving here there, about a 500 mile round trip)

Sometime in the next couple of weeks after that, a trip for me to Alaska to help my Mom go through my Dad's stuff.

And we will probably be starting to make our house move-ready though I am suspecting the actual move won't happen until next spring or later. I can't imagine many people house-shopping in our winter wonderland where the snow often piles to the roof.

For all these reasons, I have a feeling my researchy posts will be replaced by micro-detail ones or just blank spaces! I am glad that I had that haven of time to really think and pray, though. Thanks again for being willing to wade through so many looong posts.

I am going to be making a notebook of resources and outlines for this next year. I also hope to start notebooks for the three schooled kids.

I'm going to be figuring out if workboxes help us or are just educational clutter for our family.

On the cottage-industry front, Kevin just completed an iPhone game called Buggle and posted a video of it -- cute, huh?

Before that, he did this one called Hunter Sub:

Liam meanwhile is working on an XBox conversion of Kevin's Mini-Golf Mania. If he can't pay off his college debts by means of the royalties from that, he'll look for a job elsewhere. Once he's paid off his debts he will either pursue the computer game programming avocation, or take religious vows, depending on what he thinks he is called to do.

That's our life right now!


  1. Pleased you are home safely.

    Re workboxes, I vote for clutter;) I had high hopes, lasted less time than it took me to set up.

  2. Hi Willa, I must be busy somehow I missed the new blog post, all the best with relocating. Hope it goes well. Valda


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