Sunday, August 16, 2009

Transition Edition

I think I'll just free-associate and call it a Boring Post for Saturday, even though it's not quite Saturday.

  1. Clare and Liam are watching old Star Trek episodes. I can consistently identify the episode within 30 seconds, which is scary. I didn't remember how campy they were, probably because when I watched them it was on a 13 inch black and white screen and I was only 13 or 14, which makes a difference.
  2. Sean seems to be recovered from his endoscopy on Friday except that his lip is numb. What's with that? I hope it goes away. The diagnosis is mild GERD; his grandfather suffers from it too. We'll have to learn to manage that.
  3. We are having a family party today to herald the upcoming changes in our family.... Clare leaving, Sean starting school, Brendan starting college. It COULD be the last summer we're all here together. We might move; Liam might be living somewhere else. Anyway, chocolate toffee squares, banana cake with cream cheese frosting, Russian tea cakes, Ruffles, root beer, and barbecue food all seem appropriate to the occasion. Though probably not that great for the GERD.
  4. I'm thinking of a point system for work accomplished for Kieron, so we can both tell at a glance whether he's earned his leisure time or not. I think Gatto would hate that though. (I'm reading Weapons of Mass Instruction). And I am not sure if Josef Pieper would like the concept of earning leisure time, either. Why do these things have to be so perplexing?
  5. The current Star Trek episode is the Nazi one where the Nazi talks about the brutish stupidity and inferiority apparent in Mr Spock's physiognomy. Ha ha. Everything I needed to know about eugenic folly and planned societies, I learned by watching Star Trek.
  6. Next week Sean resumes school, Brendan starts his college classes, and we drive Clare to Thomas Aquinas College. Sigh..... our homeschool group had a leavetaking party for Clare last week and the moms were talking about how even good things can bring pain. It's like labor all over again.... sigh.... I will miss my dear daughter and my only feminine comrade in this House of Men.
  7. Sigh!!!
  8. That makes me grateful for Facebook and the internet, and cell phones, and their potential for connection.
  9. Time goes so fast!

The college girl only 19 short years ago. ...

and now


  1. Interesting post. Busy family.

  2. Your post had me sniffling. My Hannah will be going away too. It is painful!

    I love those old campy Star Treks, they didn't take themselves so seriously and yet I liked the high moral code that ran throughout the series.


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