Friday, August 14, 2009

prayers for a young boy

From Ryan's Mom:

(she sent out a post on some email groups and gave permission that the post be shared):

Ryan was playing in a little stream a few yard from the campsite. His father and the others knew where he was and he was in view. Other kids were near him but after a bit they spread out. They were all very excited to be in the campsite, they had only just arrived. When they called the kids for prayers Ryan didn?t come and after a very short time the rangers were called and then the state police and fire marshals. ...... In the five minutes between the other kids being there and his being called Ryan had a grand mal seizure and slipped into the stream, his body was found a few feet away in a drain in a culvert. It is believed the seizure is what killed him although we don?t have confirmation of that yet.
A memorial by MacBeth here.
Here is a post by his mother written several years ago.

We are on the other coast from the Barretts and I did not personally know Ryan myself, but I felt connected to him because he was just a few years older than my Aidan who shares some of the same traits.


Sad Update:

Ryan did not make it. Pray for his family and that this young boy is in heaven with the Lord that he loved.

Prayer Request

Please pray very hard for young Ryan, who is autistic. He went missing yesterday evening at a camping trip. From his mom's blog:

He left on a father /son campout on Thurs. morning and as of Thursday evening at 5:00 PM he has been missing. An extensive search is being conducted and Mary Ellen was driven to the site three hours away by a dear friend.

PLEASE, anyone reading this, join your prayers with all who love Mary Ellen for the safe and speedy return of Ryan. Mary Ellen is hoping for Ryan to be covered in a massive prayer chain. Please post this request on any blogs or online groups you can.

Today is the feast day of St Maximilian Kolbe so he might be a good one to ask for intercession.

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  1. I am so terribly sorry for this family's tragedy. I'm almost in tears. A friend of mine was telling me this morning that she had to have alarms installed because her little girl, who also has autism, keeps wandering out at night.


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