Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Six

I found or rediscovered some interesting resources when I was planning this week. I'm listing them by category and lightening the load on my bookmark toolbar.



Anecdotes and Examples Illustrating the Catholic Catechism -- a google book from 1904.
Free PDF downloads supporting the Faith and Life religious education books. You can also see color html topic outlays if you go here and press the Curriculum Outline link for each grade.
A Short Catechism of Church History for the Higher Grades (Catholic schoolbook from 1904)
A Catechism of the Catholic Religion (Catholic schoolbook from 1899)


Catholic or Christian Living

Outline for Sunday Mass Preparation by Castle of the Immaculate.
Eucharistic Miracle Stories for Children
Gold Dust -- a collection of golden counsels for the sanctification of daily life edited by Charlotte Yonge
Faith Filled Days in the Domestic Church -- growing resource!!

Science and Math
(I don't know enough about science or math to vouch for any of these totally, but worth glancing at)

Light and Matter -- open-source physics textbooks
Living Math -- every homeschooler probably knows about this site but still VERY cool.
Physical Sciences Resource Center -- for grades K-20
Mathematically Correct: 2 Plus 2 -- topical commentary and critique on math as it is taught in schools.
Online Science and Math Textbooks -- looks like mostly higher-level resources.
Textbook League -- critical reviews of middle and highschool level textbooks, not just science but also history. Virulently secular but interesting.
Middle School Physical Science Resource Center -- of interest because of this extensive review.


KISS Grammar -- Samples of Student Writing.
Texas Education Agency -- released standardized tests for practice


Teaching and Learning -- An Augustinian Perspective
Internet Text Archive
The Objective of Education is Learning, Not Teaching


A Chart of Latin Chants (pdf) -- from this site on Learning Latin.
Ideas for Embedding Google Spreadsheets in your Blog or Website -- unfortunately I don't understand what they're saying, but I wish I did. There's also calendar and excel templates for free on this site.
Ambleside Year 0.5 -- maybe for Aidan.
Get shipping labels online and avoid waiting in post office lines -- if you have a bookselling business.

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