Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memory Challenge #1 -- What to Memorize

Here's a First Latin Book for Catholic Schools that I found last year in the public domain. I am going to be using it for handouts for my 8th grader since as I mentioned Latin is Fun is more inductive and I think he will require a big picture view and some memory assignments.

Anyway, I was thinking that for my memory challenge this July I was going to try to memorize the Latin prayers found in the appendix of this book. Some of them I've already memorized previously but I could use a brush-up.

Also, I found this site with Latin phrases that I might try to collect in my mind. The nice thing about short maxims and proverbs is that they are often doors that lead to bigger thoughts.

Finally, there is this handsome interlinear Vulgate from which I could memorize some Psalms if I still have time.

Some of this might make good copywork for 13 year old. If I have it readily available in my "memory mansion" it might help me to actually implement that.

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