Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggy Things

I got tagged for two awards! I'm going to put them in one post because today we're getting packed to leave for a week's vacation up north. I have a backlog of scheduled posts so it probably won't look like I'm even gone, but in actuality I'll be in a tent on a friend's beautiful green lawn watching my little ones swing or run through the sprinklers or play with kittens. Cyberspace makes it possible to do bi-location of a sort! (say a prayer for our safe travel?)


Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things tagged me for Honest Scrap:

I'm supposed to think of 10 honest things to say about myself ; -)

  1. I get cold easily. I wear long sleeves even if it's 90 degrees outside!
  2. I have trouble sitting through a movie or TV show. I get claustrophobic. The only exception is when someone I like invites me to watch something with them, then it seems more like quality time and less like a waste of time.
  3. I'm about the worst multitasker in the world. If I do one thing, everything else slips. It's called hyperfocus, I think.
  4. So I was rotten at sports. Balls bounced off my head while my attention was elsewhere.
  5. I love lists and schedules -- but you knew that, didn't you?
  6. I love driving on freeways. I used to think I was going to be a biker or a truck driver when I grew up. The closest I've come though is driving a mo-ped in Switzerland and a Suburban here in California.
  7. However, I didn't actually LEARN to drive until I was twenty (in Switzerland where I went to high school you couldn't get a driver's license till you're 18, and when I came back to the US I got busy doing other things.
  8. I went to a progressive alternative school for middle school, in Alaska. ... where I took Logic and Latin and Spanish and Greek mythology for my elective courses. Oh, yes, and Children's Literature. I guess that was the start of my future as an unschooly classicist; little did I know at the time, though I did have a hobby of pretending to order clothes for my imaginary family in the Sears catalog.
  9. I dislike soda and juice but could drink coffee all day, and sometimes I do.
  10. I am a rebel and if someone tells me I should do something and I don't think they're a rightful authority or make a reasonable case, I usually feel like doing the opposite. However, if they are a rightful authority or have reason on their side, my rebel side never kicks in.

I think almost everyone I know has already been tagged for this one so I'll do the shortcut and tag everyone that reads this and wants to play. In fact, fact #11 --

11. I hate tagging people because I really get angst-ridden over the selection process!

Second ---

Laughingstars tagged me for Queen (of Awesomeness) for a Day:

Here’s the rules:

1. List Seven Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you read religiously.
3. Tag those seven bloggers.

Let's see, what's awesome about me?

  1. I didn't become a biker or truck driver but I did become a mom of seven children, which is even more unpredictable and adventurous. I think my family's pretty awesome and I guess I can take at least a bit of the credit.
  2. I am great at making lists and schedules and forms, though not as great at actually remembering where I put them.
  3. I can read almost anything with interest. I pick up new knowledge very quickly --- immersion learning.
  4. I'm good at dialectic -- being able to see the strong points in someone's case even if I don't agree with it.
  5. I like talking to my kids -- I love rambling, fascinating conversations with almost anyone who will participate.
  6. I can stick with very incremental, not immediately rewarding tasks -- poring through tomes for bits of information, copying out things. I could've made a good medieval monk painstakingly illuminating and transcribing old books.
  7. I take the odd road in everything -- in fact, I sort of like and am grateful for oddness in general. Geeks rule!

I tag:

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No pressure ;-). Play if you want!! And as LaughingStars says, these are only SOME of the bloggers I love!


  1. Thanks for the tag! I want to make lots of remarks but will have to wait until I can be like a monk about it. ;)

    Good luck with your bi-location.


  2. Have a safe and blessed trip! :)


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