Friday, June 5, 2009

Year 8, Term 1-2

This is a lot of posts in a short time, but I do love to plan and if I don't record it somewhere I will forget what I did! So I hope I am not trying my readers' patience too far. I've spent this rainy, almost really SNOWY day in the Sierras trying to get the plans for my next-year-8th grader ready to go. This morning I scribbled them in longhand (above) and this afternoon I transferred them to the word processor. Here's the progress so far:

The reading chart for our Year 8, Term 1 books. ... Word 2007 version (jpg above).

Totaling it up, it looks like it's about 1900 pages per term, which is fairly close to the AO page counts for the middle school years. That breaks down to about 180 pages per week, or about 45 pages a day given a four day week.

I've also uploaded a document for the first two terms of Kieron's Year 8. It's a Pre-Year 7 schedule which combines Year 5/Year 6 and is in the same type of format as these Ambleside schedules.

The third term will be an early Church-focused one using Augustus Caesar's World. Ambleside's Year 6 has the kids spend the last two terms on ancient history but Kieron's already read about Ancient Greece and Rome, so we can focus on the first few centuries after Christ and then move into Year 7 from there.

I haven't made a page chart for Term 2 yet. I probably will wait for a while on that because in my world, planning in detail too far ahead is about as useful as not planning at all.

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