Thursday, June 18, 2009

History Year 8

A nice link -- Resources for Story of the World. Lots of lists, workbooks, all kinds of things. I am trying to pull together a sheet (Word 2007) to help me prepare for Story of the World 4 readings for Kieron next year, so that's how I stumbled across it. My outline is mostly blank right now and as I said before I may only stay a couple of lessons ahead all year, but I did want to try to improve my organization and record-keeping again this year. Every year I get a bit better.

Paula's whole site is a treasure trove -- for example: Preschoolers -- What To Do During School Time? is one I just happened to see today.

Here is the page I've finished.... fairly simple. I thought that it would be easier to look up maps, make timeline figures, and listen to narrations if I had this ready.

I notice that SOTW lends itself to the kind of study recommended in The Well Trained Mind (understandably, since it's the same author) -- do a reading, look up on the map and atlas, pick a couple of supplementary books or materials to read, then make a page. I'm a bit worried that it will be too scattered for us at the pace we're going to be going at -- that it won't stick. I really enjoyed our indepth look at the American Revolution-- one battle at a time -- and Kieron retained a lot of that. On the other hand, SOTW's pretty interesting to read and I do want Kieron to have a general picture of the modern world before we click back to ancient history later in the year or early next year. And Year 8 has always been a survey year in our homeschool before we go on to integrated history/lit/religion in the high school years.

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