Saturday, June 6, 2009

Being Boring on a Saturday Morning

Boring Posts for Saturday -- now there is a concept after this blogger's heart! I read about it at Dawn's Sufficient for Today, where she designed several pretty logos. Pretty is good, too.

To explain the meme, Mary at Hope Echoes writes:

I started my ever popular feature--Boring Posts for Saturday for two reasons. Reason one-- very few bloggers post on Saturday and that is when I have the most time to read, so I miss reading new stuff then. Reason two--I find that I write some opinionated and long winded posts that talk about things that I really believe or things that bother me and when I put them out during the week people comment around them--the day before, the day after, and I realize that most of you weren't as fascinated by my topic as I was.
Yep, me too, absolutely.

Now that I've gotten that down, I realize I don't really have much boring to write about -- besides the usual, of course! So maybe I ought to link to the meme schedule I put on my House and Hold blog one time. Or, wait, why not; I'll reproduce them below. I had collected a meme for every day of the week. Some of them are probably extinct now, and there are some that overlap, so I never really totally used them all.

Menu Plan Monday

Tackle It Tuesday

Weigh-In Wednesday

Works for Me Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

and Thoughtful Thursday (I couldn't find the original explanation for that one but here's a graphic)

Poetry Friday

Smart Habits Saturday
(Saving Money, Associations, Resources and Time)

Sunday Six

Others I have read about that might be useful someday are:

Wordless Wednesday (I have trouble being wordless, but I like the idea)

Dominion Family's 25 Things I Have Been Doing Lately,

Epiphany Spring's
Think Upon These Things Thursday

Monday Memories

Seven Quick Takes

Small Successes:

The Simple Woman's Daybook:

I've never actually done any of these though I did have a modified daybook called Sierra Highlights going for a while, based on the Simple Woman one.

Oh, and how could I forget! Homeschool Weekly Reports --

I did quite a few of those, though sporadically, here and here.

Edited to add a few more I have found recently:

Hearts for Home
HT: Erin

I found the following two recently through Like Mother, Like Daughters

Make Do Monday

Food on Fridays

Frugal Fridays

Teaching Tuesday -- (I found it on Angie's blog Fostering Truth but I don't know where it originally started) -- I made a button though, I love making buttons!


  1. Oh, how exciting that you found out about Mary's theme! She's gonna be so excited. I really enjoyed seeing the logos for everything you've participated in! Glad you think the logos are pretty!

  2. How fun... I'm still trying to find an exact definition for MEME but in the meantime I'm playing along too!

  3. A beautiful new one is Hearts for Home.


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