Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Washcloths and Drought

This will be another random post.

Not the most amazing picture in the world -- but I'm working on washcloths for the bathroom, using a pattern similar to this one.    Basically I cast on 34 stitches and then went in double moss stitch.  No borders or anything.    I have a lot of this cotton yarn, and each cloth takes about 2/3 of a skein.   The washcloths take less than two hours to complete.    I like the way they look folded up in a basket.

Speaking of baskets, I want to make one of these rectangular baskets.   Next on my list.

I mentioned reading The Liberal Art of Grammar the other day, and because of that, I ended up hanging out for quite a while at the Arts of Liberty site, which is very lovely.   It looks quite new, but it has more resources than it seems at first glance.     I started reading through this Astronomy course by Michael Augros, who is also a TAC tutor, like Mr Nieto.  

The past couple of years have been kind of a drought in our homeschool.   In desperation we joined a charter just so my youngest two, AM and PG, would have some academic continuity while I basically went on hiatus.   The charter though public-school-affiliated is still home-bound, so I wasn't on true hiatus -- I am responsible for daily guidance, grading etc, but we meet with a teacher monthly and we have been using the normal public school textbooks (though we don't have to, if we manage our own equivalent work, which I haven't bothered trying to plan).   The charter is a great place, very homeschool-friendly, and the teacher is great too.    I guess I would call their approach very compatible with subsidiarity.     They don't do for us what we can and want to do for ourselves.

But this year, I hope to get a bit more back into "real" learning.    Since I'm not sure what caused the drought, I'm not sure what will end it.   Maybe it's just a function of having spent more than 2 decades teaching and over 3 decades being a mom with all that entails.   I think there's a psychological shift around the half century mark where one wants to have a midlife crisis explore different ways of doing things before it gets too late.  

A couple of family members have a severe cold, and my second son is driving down the spine of the Pacific Northwest today, to visit here for a while before summer is over.

Off now to do some more knitting, and practice music for this Saturday!

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