Sunday, August 14, 2016

Of Lost Butterflies, and Bullets and Fields

I lost my Nymphalidea- in-progress.    Here is a picture of it before it vanished.   I had it yesterday, but yesterday was confusing.   AM said something mysterious about putting it on a table because it was in the way (of his Halo battle with his brother and brother in law, presumably).   Presumably it will turn up probably tomorrow when I tidy.    In the meantime I am making another double moss stitch dishcloth.  

Today is our Aristotle discussion so I have been reading about Quantity.    This was interesting.
nothing prevents some things from being many in some respect [secundum quid] and being one in another. Indeed, all sorts of things that are many are one in some respect,..... But we have to be aware of the difference that some things are many absolutely [simpliciter], and one in some respect, while the case is the reverse with others... Now something is said to be one in the same way as it is said to be a being. But a being absolutely speaking is a substance, while a being in some respect is an accident, or even [only] a being of reason. So whatever is one in substance, is one absolutely speaking, yet many in some respect. For example, a whole in the genus of substance, composed of its several integral or essential parts, is one absolutely speaking, for the whole is a being and a substance absolutely speaking, while the parts are beings and substances in the whole. Those things, however, which are diverse in substance, and one by accident, are diverse absolutely speaking, and one in some respect, as many humans are one people, or many stones are one heap; and this is the unity of composition or order. Likewise, many individuals that are one in genus or species are many absolutely speaking, and one with respect to something, for to be one in genus or species is to be one with respect to reason
There is ARA's toy basket (my granddaughter).   It has a collection of toys grouped in one place, but the collection is eclectic.    They are united by position and by species -- all in the basket, all ARA's toys.    The unity there seems kind of provisional.    We could regroup them into sub-categories of toys (cars, wooden letters, dice -- some of her ongoing categories).   We could put them in different baskets, or move the basket.  We could count them (as ARA likes to do).  Or scatter them (also a favorite project).   And put them back.   The components aren't altered, just rearranged.

There is my body -- which seems like a different type of unity.    I am one person.   My components down to my atoms are subordinate to me as a whole.   You couldn't regroup or scatter my components without making me something else than what I am.  Yet still, quantifiable components are constantly being added and subtracted.   And I fit into larger unities -- I am human, animal, etc.   I am part of my family collective.

I thought the Quantity chapter would be easier than the substance chapter, but so far it seems to be carrying on many of the puzzles and difficulties that arose during that part.    Even things like "discrete" quantity (speech and arithmetical number) and "continuous" (lines, planes, solids, and rather puzzlingly, time and place) seem strange to me.   Maybe some of it will get clearer during the discussion, though the discussions tend actually to raise more questions (sometimes more focused questions though, which is good --- the difference between being simply confused, and having a few puzzles to think about).

School starts next week and I haven't looked at the books yet.   To be done later this afternoon.

My most recent paper geek fixation has been bullet journals.   I like them because they are what I mainly do by default (that is, fill a notebook with all kinds of eclectic things), but more systematic; in other words, maybe the system would help solve my retrieval problem.   As well as my other problem of collecting all sorts of charming, but wildly diverse, kinds of notebooks and writing utensils.   A lot of people use a standard kind of notebook and a standard kind of pen for bullet journals, but I can't see doing that when there are so many cool kinds of paper and pen out there (or more specifically, in my closet....).

Through bullet journals, I found Field Notes.   This is the brand name of a kind of notebook you can put in your pocket, but I already have a large amount of pocket sized notebooks, so the interest for me was in the name itself.   Field Notes properly speaking are the observations and reflections you make while out in the field.   You know, like John Muir did.

Here is another thing I used to do often by default, but not formally.   I would do field notes on my children -- basically just log things I noticed, ideas that occurred to me while I watched over them.... etc.    Since I spend several hours a day with my granddaughter most days, I've been feeling the pull towards documenting again.   So much happens in the life of a toddler.    Photos are good too, but not quite in the same way.   And if I'm going to get back into "real" homeschooling (rather than custodian over the textbooks) I should start writing down ideas again.

Finally... a few quick notes:

I read a lot of kindle fiction, but I didn't want to try to list them all (especially not on here....) just the ones that struck me as worthy of note in some way.   Worthy of note does not mean Dosteovsky level, or without flaws or problematic parts, or coinciding with my own philosophical beliefs, or anything like that.    It is not even a recommendation, since peoples' tastes differ so much.   It just means I want to have noted I read it for some reason.  With that in mind, I want to mention that I recently read Edward Adrift.   It's a story about a guy with Asperger's and OCD.    I liked it enough to seek out the preceding and following book in the series, but I like this middle one the best as far as the story.   The swearing, not so much, though it fit into the context of the book.

I just met my weight loss goal!  (again.... I revisit it every summer....).    The unique thing about this time through is that I didn't really notice myself losing the 10 pounds.   Unlike other years, where I had to obsess about it.    I hope that means that the habit changes are locking in.   Those would be:   daily exercise, limiting carbs (using vegetables as a substitute staple), and keeping a food log at interims when I need to increase awareness of how I'm doing.   Those are the standbys.

Since I can't find my butterfly shawl, I may try this Silvretta.....

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