Thursday, August 11, 2016

Knitting and Diaries, in Combo

I checked out a book from the library called "The Knitting Diaries".   With two of my favorite words in the title, why wouldn't I?  The book is a compilation of three romantic novellas.  Not my usual type of reading, but they all concerned knitting and journaling in some way, so I read them all.

Anyway, these quotes are from the last story.   I just rather liked the intertwining of the diary and the reflections on knitting.   So I guess the book was worth reading just for these passages:

Around Caro the attic was quiet, rich with memories and dreams. She leaned down, doodling in her worn leather knitting diary. The big maple tree in the front meadow gradually appeared beneath her pen. Patiently she added balls of yarn for fruit and knitting needles for stems. The knitting always stayed close, part of her now. Yarn had calmed her journey, soothed her harsh losses, stitch by stitch, for a decade and more. For Caro knitting was more than a hobby, more than simple entertainment. When she held her needles, her mind soared and dreams turned clear. Part meditation, part therapy, knitting was an interior journey where she learned to see herself....
She cradled her diary, touched the pages filled with three years of dreams, regrets and plans. A knitting diary at first. Now it held far more of her life than simply yarn and stitches. It held dreams and regrets, joys and plans. ........ Caro stared at the words. On the page nearby she saw her latest notes for a sweater, sandwiched between rough sketches of cabled sleeves and long ribbed cuffs. Yarn possibilities for future projects, taken from old knitting. But Caro wouldn’t repeat anything. She would move on and keep growing. 

I don't have an official knitting diary, but I would like to.   I found this pretty pre-set one.   But I think if I had one like that, it would meet the same fate as various book journals and assignment logs I have around the house.  I would not use it, because it would not be flexible enough for the random way I do things.  

I try to keep a list of my projects on Ravelry, and it's very useful, but I get behind on it, and there is no place for simple doodling there.   At least, not that I've found.

Right after reading the Knitting Diaries, I happened to find Melissa Wiley's recent post on notebooks.   I spent a long time after that obsessing about traveller's notebooks.   But after all, I realized that the thing that I liked about her post was not the materials per se (though they were nice) but the way she used them for sketching, color palettes, scheduling and pretty much everything.

There is an acronym for accumulation of knitting materials:  SABLE (stash beyond life expectancy).    I have a similar thing for writing materials.  All kinds of them.    So I don't really need a new paper supply.  I need a way to think of all my random jottings as a whole of some sort.   I probably need to find a way to take time with journaling too.

A couple of related links I didn't manage to work into the post itself:

Journalling, My New Hobby (my friend Chari's post on papery goodness)
Knitting inserts for Midori  (printable -- useful if I ever do end up with a TN).

By the way, since this is turning into another eclectic post, if you have a kindle and highlight passages you want to remember, it is really interesting to look back over them occasionally at your Kindle Highlights page.   Furthermore, if you look at the top option bar on that page, you will see something called Daily Review, which appears to randomize selections from your past highlights.   Today I found this, which seems to apply to some discussions I have been having with one of my grown sons recently without actually using the word unschooling  (maybe that's a topic for a future post):

All people unschool to learn most of their knowledge during most of their lives. The only variables are how well do they do it, and when do they start.   Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich


  1. Well, if you are on Ravelry, I must go over and see if we can be friends there! I might have to read the book -- a knitter named Caro sounds very promising.

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Yes, I am WillaR on Ravelry. I regularly think of you... and Lene... while knitting. Though I didn't think of the connection wrt the novella ;-).


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