Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School

“Teaching can be defined as a constant stream of professional decisions made before, during and after interaction with the student.”  from The Pressures of Teaching (this is one of the first Kindle books I read, courtesy of the Daily Review).
 I don't have much time today, since it's the official First Day of School and as it happens, I am watching my granddaughter ARA for a few hours while her mama and dada go to the midwife.

We probably won't do much official school.  I'll have PG look over the class sites for the textbooks, and visit the websites for his review work.

There's also the yard work.

The kitchen sink is fixed and is blessing my life once more, but the upstairs toilet is in hiatus while KM waits for some extra parts, and so we have one toilet for 9 people today and tomorrow.  

The Silvretta shawl is almost finished, though this morning a catastrophe occurred when I started doing the lacework on the wrong side (WS) of the work.   I smoothed it over, but we'll see how it affects the final thing.

KM said he watched W, Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge last night, and was talking about looking it up at Amazon.   Since I was on here I looked it up quickly and found a Collected Works by him at a very good price, and also a host of other collections by various semi-modern authors.   There is not enough time to read everything I would like to read, but maybe I can start digging into literary reading as opposed to indy thrillers at least some of the time.

when I was 12, it was my parents’ job to value the long-term benefits of my education, and my job only to live up to their immediate expectations.  from The Pressures of Teaching
I get up and go do one more thing—one phone call, one individualized assignment, five minutes of listening to a quiet child speak—that I know is good.
 from The Pressures of Teaching

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