Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ascending and Assumption

Me and BC

View of the lake
Yesterday was a fairly eventful day.   In the morning KM and BC and I did a shortish hike (about two miles round trip, though part of it was a steep scramble up a monstrous granite outcropping -- you can see it a bit in the picture of the lake).   It was nice.

Back home in time to drive to town (50 miles each way) with CFA, PAA and their little daughter ARA.   We went to the Tridentine mass for the Feast of the Assumption (which is the 2-year anniversary of the day I made my consecration to Mary -- when I did that, I was in Virginia in a vigil  -- we were waiting for ARA to decide to make her entry.  

Then we went to Salvation Army, Goodwill and Walmart.    Oh, and Arby's, which seems to have better food than it did last time I went to one maybe 7 years ago?

Little A was in an amazingly good mood through all this.  She didn't complain about being taken in and out of her car seat again and again.   She commented on the heat of the metal of the buckles, but not stridently.   She talked and napped and did pretend battles with a collection of poker chips (a habit she has acquired from her 13 year old uncle).

It was hot down there in the valley, 105 degrees I think yesterday.   Nice to be back up in our mountains today.

We got back about 5:30 and since the kitchen sink is broken and KM is waiting for an Amazon delivery in order to repair it, we went out to eat.   By the time we got back I was wiped out, so I didn't get anything done on the domestic front at all.  But fortunately, with the "signifers" of the bullet journal system, it is easy to move it all forward to today.

There were Portobello mushrooms, and shandy, two things I have never had before.   Both very good.

Last day before school officially starts.

I may be able to finish my Silvretta shawl today, though I do have a lot to do.

So hopefully the theme of today will be crashing through my list.

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